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Vietnam Vet, Emmy Award winning DP....from Barcelona to Boston, from Costa Rica to California, from Guantanamo Bay to San Francisco Bay using the technologies of the day to tell the stories that help create history for you and your client..... Looking forward for each day of work, where ever and when ever it may be.

His motto:         EXCELLENCE IS PAR

Running the show is Prism Certified Patty Puklin-Sandler.... controlling scheduling, crewing, make up artistry and Associate Producer.  When they wrote the song "Who Let The Dogs Out" they were writing it about Patty. Always there for the crew and the client, to make their day better, and their product shine.

Aaron Sandler is a tough one to fool when it comes to the mystical art of film and television audio.  He knows and has the tools of the trade, and being a solid cameraman and slick editor, he knows what is needed in the field to make it happen in the edit. That's Aaron, solid and slick, along with Jake the Snake, PrismPro Director of Security.

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