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Prism has supplied production support for single-cam, multi-cam, live sat & fiber feeds, LiveU and live webcasts.  Using HD/4K

cameras combined with LED HMI's, Lite Panels, Kino-Flo lighting and state-of-the-art double system sound recording, Prism has been there for all of the networks.  For post production, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut and Media 100 toes the line.  We keep all services in-house to remain flexible and to control costs for the client.


Keith and Aaron have been involved with projects from the Super Bowl to following the Olympic Torch in 5 countries providing home town hero stories for release in cities all around the world, providing editing services, camera support, crews and equipment.  

Prism continues to provide this organizational know how and production skills  to its clients NBC, Discovery, ESPN, Fox News, Fox Sports, Discovery and more.

Always striving to deliver the best product possible, Prism takes time in pre-production to choose a strategy, but is able to react when things change on location. In our work, Excellence is Par.


Networks, Shows, The Fortune 500 and Independent Producers; The Prism team has worked with all of them and look forward to adding your company to our list!

The excitement begins the moment the tripod hits the floor and the mic cable runs across the room. Knowing where the camera should be with a glance, and which microphone to use, the setup begins.  Different lights for different jobs. Wireless mics when needed, hard-wire when wireless isn't reliable.

Celebrities and noteworthy people drive our industry and the team at Prism Production Services  has worked with some of the best!



Aaron Sandler has magic fingers when it comes to using Adobe Premiere, with Final Cut Pro as an additional resource.  Special effects and animated graphics come into the edit at the client's request, and that request comes often.


Knowing what to do in Pre-pro, production and in the camera, makes the editing process a lot easier, and cost effective.


Fast CPU's in house, the client enjoys a large screen monitor and a soft chair. Rough cuts and time-code raw files are posted for client to review where and when they can. 

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​ Call Keith 203-996-5292 or Aaron 203-494-6757 to get the job done right.
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